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Curatorial Studies 01 ClothesFashion


  Curatorial Studies 01  ClothesFashion

Tuesday, April 1 – Sunday, April 6, 2008

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto  part of 1F

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The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto has regularly held specially-themed small-scale exhibitions within its Collection Gallery, showcasing the research results of our curators.  Beginning in April 2008, this practice will be expanded in the form of a new program entitled Curatorial Studies.  This program will extend the subject of research beyond the works in our collection, including issues that the curators have faced in the course of their work.  Experts and artists from outside of the museum will be invited to participate according to each topic, and the results will be presented in various forms, such as exhibits, essays, and oral presentations.  It is our hope that the Curatorial Studies series will serve as the foundation of future exhibitions and further studies.
Our inaugural theme is fashion.  We have invited Ms. NAKAHIGASHI Yuko, who works in the borderline territory of ClothesFashion and is the director of CENTER EAST, as our research partner.  She and our curators will be contemplating ClothesFashion in the context of art museums.
(The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto)

When contemplating “clothes,” I am attempting to look at “humans” themselves rather than their representation as skin.

Curatorial Studies 01: ClothesFashion
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CENTER EAST began its creative activities in 2001, beginning with the questions “What are clothes?” and “What is fashion?” and expanding to the contemplation of the possibilities of clothes that are not limited to merely being ‘worn.’  Today, CENTER EAST works as a costume collaborator, producing works with artists and designers in various fields and exploring ‘new ways of being of “clothes“.”

CENTER EAST No. 7 [costume 2] —clothes as existence—
from CENTER EAST No. 7 [costume 2] —clothes as existence— (2007)
Photo: KAWAMOTO Shiori     Place: Gallery Gallery

NAKAHIGASHI Yuko (fashion designer/artist)
Born 1973 in Nara, Japan.  Graduated from the Shitennoji International Buddhist University, Junior College Division in Osaka Prefecture and studied in the Fashion Design Course at Ueda College of Fashion in Osaka from 1996 to 1998.  Founded Center East in 2001.  Part-time instructor at Creative Design College in Kyoto since 2001 and at Kyoto University of Art and Design since 2007.

Awards & Distinctions
1997 56th Fukushoku Techo Fashion Contest: awarded the Grand Prix
2004 Tokyo Competition #1, Costume Art Section: awarded the Grand Prize
2005 CPH Vision 2005: selection for the IFF international exchange program
2007 Kyo-ten 2007: accepted into Sculpture Section

2001 CENTER EAST No. 1 / Cafe Gallery Detaj (Osaka)
2002 CENTER EAST No. 2 / Neutron (Kyoto)
2003 CENTER EAST No. 3 / Gallery Gallery (Kyoto)
2004 CENTER EAST No. 4 / Gallery Gallery EX (Kyoto)
CENTER EAST No. 5 / Gallery Sowaka (Kyoto)
2005 CENTER EAST No. 6 / Marucube, Marunouchi Building (Tokyo)
2007 CENTER EAST No. 7 / Gallery Gallery (Kyoto)

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