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439_MORIGUCHI Kunihiko

MORIGUCHI Kunihiko: Yuzen / Design – Crossroads of Creativity

2020.10.13 tue. - 12.06 sun.

Moriguchi Kunihiko has been designated a Living National Treasure for his mastery of the Yuzen (resist dyeing) technique. By boldly combining graphic design ideas and geometric patterns informed by his studies in Paris, Moriguchi has pioneered new creative possibilities that go beyond the traditional craft of Yuzen. From kimono production to graphic design work exemplified by his shopping bags for the Mitsukoshi department store, Moriguchi takes artisanal skills and refined sensibilities accumulated over the course of Yuzen design history as a point of departure for a practice that reintroduces this venerable tradition to contemporary society. This exhibition introduces Moriguchi Kunihiko’s creative activities, which emerge from various intersections between Yuzen and design, tradition and modernity, and East and West.

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100 Years of BUNRIHA: Can Architecture Be Art?

2021.01.06 wed. - 03.07 sun.

New stars swept over the Japanese architectural world in the Taisho era with striking impact: the Bunriha, the first architectural movement in Japan. In 1920, classmates of the Department of Architecture of Tokyo Imperial University, Kikuji Ishimoto, Mayumi Takizawa, Sutemi Horiguchi, Keiichi Morita, Shigeru Yada, and Mamoru Yamada formed the group before their graduation. With Shuichiro Ouchi, Chikatada Kurata, and Bunzo Yamaguchi later joining, the group was active in exhibiting and publishing their works until 1928.
The year 2020 marks 100 years since its formation. Following the trajectory of the young architects who emerged swiftly and vividly in the changing world, the exhibition includes related artworks along with drawings, models, photographs, and videos. What was the “art” in architecture they pursued? The exhibition casts new light to reveal the role the group played in the history of contemporary Japanese architecture.

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