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Image Request

Images of works in the museum’s collection can be reproduced in books and other media, with permission.
Please verify the following conditions before applying to use images.

Conditions for Image Use 1. Use for purposes other than those for which image reproduction permission is granted is prohibited.
2. Depending on the contents of the application, image reproduction may not be permitted.
3. Fees are charged for image reproduction. In addition, two copies of the publication in which they are reproduced must be submitted to the museum.
4. When images are reproduced, it must be clearly specified: “Collection of The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.”
How to Apply Before applying, please confirm in advance whether the work is under copyright protection.
Application method differs depending on copyright status, as follows:

(A) Special request to the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto*Required

E-mail address
Purpose of use
Attach document outlining usage proposal, etc. ×
  • *Document outlining usage proposal, can be attached.
  • *PDF only, file size up to 5MB.
Date by which image is requested Please inform us of the date by which you would like to use images.
It will take at least three weeks after submission of application for use of images, and arrangement of copyright holder’s licensing agreement, to grant permission to use the work.
Requested work


  • ※*1. Works that are under copyright protection cannot be used without the consent of the copyright holder. When applying, it is necessary for the applicant to obtain a license from the copyright holder directly.
  • *2. After application for use of images, with application form and copyright holder’s license attached, it will take at least two weeks before images can be used.
  • *3. The usage fee for publication in books and magazines is 5,000 yen (without tax) per image.
    The fee may change depending on the contents of the application. Please refer to the “Special Regulations for National Museums of Art” (PDF).

(B) Application to DNP Art Communications for permission to utilize images

Procedures for utilization of images whose copyright has expired is outsourced to DNP Art Communications. Please contact DNP Art Communications at the address below or visit the website to complete the procedure.

■DNP Art Communications Co.,Ltd. : Image Archives
Phone: +81-3-6431-3700 Fax: +81-3-6431-3709