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The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


2020.07.05    Open 09:30-18:00

Current Exhibitions & Collection Gallery

Exhibition [Exhibition period has been extended! ] 100 Years of Czech Design 2020.
03.06 fri. - 07.05 sun.

In addition to being the birthplace of the artist Alphonse Mucha, what is today the Czech Republic gave rise to Czech Cubism, a unique style that was influenced by French painting. And during the 20th century, the country became renowned for a wealth of alluring designs, including everything from animation to toys. But it was also during the 20th century that designers found themselves at the mercy of war, foreign occupation, and constant changes in the national political situation.
In this exhibition, we introduce some 250 items from the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, including furniture, commercial products, and posters. The works, displayed in chronological order, not only illustrate the influence of Czech political situation but also those of Europe as a whole on 20th century design.

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Exhibition [Exhibition period has been extended! ] 100th Anniversary of Poland-Japan Diplomatic Relations Polish Posters for Films 2020.
03.17 tue. - 07.12 sun.

In post-World War II Poland, which was under a communist regime, a new generation of artists in the mid-1950s moved away from socialist realism and pursued free-form expression especially in the fields of cinema and graphic design. Notably, a number of outstanding designers actively produced film posters, pouring the inspiration they drew from films into richly metaphorical creations. This exhibition presents many works of poster art that emerged from the encounter between these two fields, both of which were termed the "Polish School."

*Some works will be replaced with others while the exhibition is in session.

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Upcoming Exhibitions & Collection Gallery

北沢映月_祇園会_1936 Exhibition From MoMAK Collection
Life in Kyoto – Arts in Seasonal Delight
2020.07.23 thu. - 09.22 tue. Read More
写真未登録 Collection Gallery 2nd Collection Gallery Exhibition 2020–2021 Curatorial Studies 14: SUDA Kunitaro Meditations on the Realism and the Truth 2020.07.22 wed. - 10.04 sun. Read More


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Getting to MoMAK The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto 26-1, Okazaki Enshoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8344 JAPAN