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KIYOMIZU Kyubey / Rokubey VII Retrospective

2022.07.30 sat. - 09.25 sun.

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Kiyomizu, the third son of Tsukamoto Takejuro, was born in Nagoya in 1922. After fighting in the Battle of Okinawa, he was discharged from the army and studied metal casting at Tokyo University of the Arts (and prior to that at its precursor, Tokyo Fine Arts School). In 1951, Kiyomizu entered the world of ceramics as the adopted heir of Kiyomizu Rokubey VI. As he gained recognition, however, Kiyomizu grew increasingly interested in the relationship between things and spaces, and in 1966, he showed his first sculptural works. In 1968, Kiyomizu adopted the name Kyubey, distanced himself from ceramics, and began devoting himself to sculpture, primarily made with aluminum. Kiyomizu’s works, which came to be installed on sites throughout Japan, exude his creative ethos of achieving an affinity between structure, material, and space.

When Rokubey VI suddenly died in 1980, Kiyomizu assumed the name Rokubey VII. In his works as Rokubey VII, Kiyomuzu intentionally utilized the physical properties of clay and the distortions that arose in the firing process. Based on these experiences, Kiyomizu forged works that combined ceramic and aluminum, or washi paper and lead crystal, signaling a new phase in his career as Kyubey / Rokubey.

In addition to ceramic works and sculptures, this exhibition, made up of approximately 170 works, includes related documents, such as Kiyomizu’s photographic works, and drawing plans and maquettes for his sculptures, in a retrospective that spans his entire life.

Exhibition dates 2022.7.30 sat. - 9.25 sun.

Hours 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Admission Adults: 1,200 yen (1,000 yen)
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  • Flower Vase (Object, Eye, Cube), 1955-66
    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

  • Unit Object (Flower Vase), 1956

  • Square Vase, 1958

  • Wall, 1966

  • Jar, “Red Streams”, 1967

  • Work A, 1971
    Nagoya City Art Museum

  • Development of AFFINITY, 1976
    The Hakone Open-Air Museum

  • MASK Ⅱ, 1977
    Chiba City Museum of Art(deposit of Sogetsu Foundation)

  • TRAVERSE H, 1982
    Nagoya City Art Museum

  • Flower Vase, Ka-To-Yo, 1987
    Kyoto City Museum of Art

  • FIGURE E, 1989
    Osaka Prefecture 20th Century Art Collection

    Kyoto City Museum of Art

  • Flower Vase, Setsu-Do-Yo, 1995

  • Flower Vase, Black Glaze and Gold, Setsu-Do-Yo, 1998

  • CORRESPOND, 2000
    Museum of Modern ceramic Art, Gifu

  • CORRESPOND D, 2006
    Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

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KIYOMIZU Kyubey / Rokubey VII Retrospective

Exhibition Catalogue 2,900yen (

449_KIYOMIZU Kyubey / Rokubey VII Retrospective Catalogue

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