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Selections from the NFC Collection
  MoMAK Films @ Goethe

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (MoMAK) and the Goethe-Institut Japan in Kyoto (Goethe) hereby present MoMAK Films @ Goethe, a series of screenings at Goethe of a selection of films from the valuable collection of the National Film Center (NFC) in Tokyo.  This is a part of the NFC and MoMAK’s collective effort to hold regular screenings of NFC’s films in Kyoto.  Beginning with the screening of German films on May 23, 2009, we will hold a total of five sets of screenings in 2009/2010 of films from different countries from the earlier half of the twentieth century.

Saturday, May 23, 2009 – Saturday, March 13, 2010
2:00PM – around 7:00PM each day (doors open 1:30PM)
The screening program and schedule for each day can be viewed below.

500 yen per screening; tickets available at the door only

Maximum capacity
100 seats, first come first served

Numbered tickets for each screening will be sold at the reception desk starting at 1:30PM on the day of the screenings.  Admission to the theater begins 10 minutes before each screening.
Viewers will be admitted in accordance with the numbers on their tickets.  Non-reserved seats only.
Tickets are valid only on the day/screening(s) for which they are purchased.  No advance tickets are available.
Please refrain from bringing food or drink into the theater.

National Film Center

Goethe-Institut Japan in Kyoto
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Goethe-Institut Japan in Kyoto
 (in German and Japanese only)

Goethe-Institut Japan in Kyoto
19-3 Yoshida Kawara-cho, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto 606-8305
(north of Kawabata-dōri and Kōjin-bashi)
TEL (075) 761-2188
Directions: (in German)

Pianist: HASEGAWA Yoshitaka
Completed the undergraduate and graduate programs in Composition in the Department of Music at the Tokyo University of Arts.
Awarded the Diplôme Supérieur de Composition at the École Normale de Musique de Paris.
Currently an associate professor at the Osaka College of Music.

Screening programs, 2009/2010

1.  May 23 (Sat.), 2009  Germany
Organizers: MoMAK, NFC, Goethe

 Storms of Passion (1931, dir. Robert Siodmak)
 Yoshiwara (1936, dir. Max Ophüls)
 Secrets of the Orient (1928, dir. Alexandre Volkoff)

2.  Sept. 12 (Sat.), 2009  France

 In the Name of the Law (1932, dir. Maurice Tourneur)
 Here’s Berlin (1931, dir. Julien Duvivier)
 Entr’acte (1924, dir. René Clair)
 The Lighthouse Keepers (1929, Jean Grémillon)

3.  Nov. 14 (Sat.), 2009  USSR

 Okraina (1933, dir. Boris Barnet)
 Little Red Devils (1923, dir. Ivan Perestiani)
 The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks
  (1924, dir. Lev Kuleshov)

4.  Jan. 16 (Sat.), 2010  China

 Nyannyan-myao hoi (1940, dir. AKUTAGAWA Mitsuzo)
 Eternity (1942, dirs. BU Wancang, ZHU Shilin, MA-XU Weibang,
  CHEUNG Sin Kwan, YANG Xiaozhong)
 Street Angel (1937, dir. YUAN Muzhi)

5.  March 13 (Sat.), 2010  Japan

 Modern kaidan: 100,000,000 yen [Shochiku Gurafu edition] (1929, dir.
  SAITŌ Torajirō)
 Ishikawa Goemon no hōji [Pathé Baby edition] (1930, dir. SAITŌ Torajirō)
 Bakudan hanayome (1935, dir. SASAKI Keisuke)
 Kimi o yobu uta (1939, dir. FUSHIMIZU Osamu)
 Seiki no gasshō: Aikoku kōshin-kyoku (1938, dir. FUSHIMIZU Osamu)
 Tokyo Rhapsody (1936, dir. FUSHIMIZU Osamu)

All works are 35mm films.  Films that are not in Japanese will have Japanese subtitles.
Please note that the above programs may be changed without advance notice.

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
 contact information

Goethe-Institut Japan in Kyoto
 TEL (075) 761-2188
 (in German and Japanese only)

Publicity materials
First half: Germany, France  PDF (935KB)

Second half: USSR, China, Japan  PDF (1.27MB)

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