The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


Current Exhibition

4th Collection Gallery Exhibition 2014

September 3 ~ November 30, 2014

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Guess What?
Hardcore Contemporary Art's Truly a World Treasure:
Selected Works from YAGEO Foundation Collection

opens March 31, 2015

Collection Gallery

The Collection Gallery exhibits selected works of nihonga (Japanese-style painting), yōga (Western-style painting), prints, sculpture, crafts (ceramics, textiles, metalworks, wood and bamboo works, lacquers and jewelry) and photography from the museum collection. Also shown are outstanding and monumental works of modern art in Japan, as well as modern and contemporary European and American art.

 Collection Gallery Exhibition 2014-2015

NOTE: Japanese names are generally represented in the traditional fashion, with the family name first, followed by the given name or the “artist name.”  (Exceptions are made for artists who are/were long-term residents of foreign countries, e.g., Tsuguharu Léonard Foujita, and for contemporary artists in accordance with the artist’s [perceived] preference.)