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SHIMOMURA Ryōnosuke (c. 1957) Folding Screen: Waterfront
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
     We are proud to present the first retrospective exhibition of the work of SHIMOMURA Ryōnosuke (1923–1998), the Kyoto-based painter who pioneered new modes of expression in the field of nihonga (Japanese-style painting), in commemoration of the decennial of his death.
     Shimomura is especially known for his affiliation with the PanReal Art Association, which revolutionized the postwar nihonga world, from its first exhibition to his twilight years.  The marks he left as the so-called “rebel painter” can be placed within the traditional genre of nihonga, yet clearly demonstrate the pursuit of an entirely new frontier of expression.  This pioneering spirit is that of the first instance of ‘avant-garde’ art activity to take place in Japan.
     Shimomura was born in Osaka City, and studied at the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting (the present Kyoto City University of Arts).  Having completed his studies, in 1948, he joined the PanReal Art Association and eventually became a central figure, leading their ambitious activities.  His earliest works had Cubist influences, but the experience of war instilled skepticism toward traditional nihonga and their elegant and beautiful expressions of nature, turning his attention to social and political subjects.  He arrives at the approach of creating massive paintings using papier-mâché, with the central motif of ‘birds.’  Thus he opened up new frontiers in expression as though he were putting his works in the charge of “a bird that slashes through the sky.”
     The present exhibition presents the full picture of Shimomura’s work—extending to works in media other than painting, such as prints or ceramic works that he called yakemono (‘burnt’ ware)—with his ‘avant-garde’ stance as the central axis.  In order to encourage visitors to rethink the traditional genre of nihonga, we have also organized a special theme exhibition entitled “PanReal & Postwar Art” that will be held concurrently within the museum’s Collection Gallery, with works from the museum collection by YAMAZAKI Takashi, MIKAMI Makoto, ŌNO Hidetaka, HOSHINO Shingo, NOMURA Kō, and FUDŌ Shigeya.


Related events
Commemorative lecture: “Reexamining SHIMOMURA Ryōnosuke”
Date: August 2 (Sat.) 1:30PM–3:30PM
     (numbered tickets distributed 11:00AM–)
Lecturer: AMANO Kazuo (chief curator, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)
Place: Lecture hall (maximum capacity 100); free
in Japanese only

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Tuesday, July 29 – Sunday, August 31, 2008
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The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

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