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ExhibitionsART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performance

ART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performance

ART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performance      ART RULES is an ongoing performance/installation project initiated by Chicks on Speed (COS).  COS, founded by Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan in Munich, 1997, is an all-female performance group especially well-known for their cross-genre “DIY” performances.  Originally released as a pop song on COS Records with renowned artist Douglas Gordon in 2006, ART RULES has expanded into a multidisciplinary performance by seven artists (Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan of COS, Douglas Gordon, Anat Ben-David, Kathi Glas, A.L. Steiner, and Adi Nachman).  Their collaboration combines elements of punk, pop, art, video, dance, fashion, and more, blurring conventional borders in a manner typical of COS.
     ART RULES has traveled to major art museums in five different countries, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York, 2006) and the Pompidou Centre (Paris, 2007).  The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto is the only venue scheduled in Japan.
ART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performance      Joined by filmmaker Jane Lucy, the ART RULES Crew will produce site-specific elements for the project in Kyoto.  This new version of the project will culminate in a live performance at the museum on May 3rd.  Their collaborations with high-octane Japanese girls such as choreographer/dancer Chie Ito (artistic director, Strange Kinoko Dance Company) and avant-rock band OOIOO are not to be missed.

Performers/production members: list / biographies

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ART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performance
Live performance
May 3 (Sat./holiday), 2008  7:30PM–
(admission 6:30PM–, doors 7:00PM–)
The Akino Fuku Retrospective (3F) and the
Collection Gallery (4F) will close at 5:00PM.

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
1F lobby

maximum capacity 300 (standing only)
advance tickets: 2,500 yen / at door: 3,000 yen
Rated R-15 (no children under 15).

Advance tickets will be available through Ticket Pia, FamilyMart (P code: 612-244),
Lawson (L code: 59126), and other major ticket vendors and convenience stores.
The advance tickets have sold out.  Tickets will be available at the museum ticket window starting at 6:30PM on the day of the performance.

ART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performanceART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performanceART RULES KYOTO 2008: live performance
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Related events
Lecture by the performers
Date: April 29 (Tue./holiday) 6:00–7:30PM
Place: 1F lobby; free
in English with Japanese translation

Open production + footage screening
Date: April 29 (Tue./holiday) – May 11 (Sun.)  during museum hours
Place: 1F lobby  open every day during this period, free admission
Lobby may be closed during certain hours while preparing for the performance.

Chicks on Speed
     Alex Murray-Leslie  (from Australia/based in Spain)
     Melissa Logan  (from the USA/based in Germany)
Douglas Gordon  (from Scotland/based in the USA)
Kathi Glas  (from/based in Germany)
Anat Ben-David  (from Israel/based in England)
A.L. Steiner  (from/based in the USA)
Adi Nachman  (from/based in Israel)

     View all biographies

Alex Murray-Leslie will be unable to come to Japan.

Guest performers
OOIOO  (based in the Kantō & Kansai areas, Japan)

Kayoko Nakagawa  (from/based in Kyoto, Japan)

Chie Ito (Strange Kinoko Dance Company)  (from/based in Tokyo, Japan)

Cooperation: filmmaking
Jane Lucy  (from Australia/based in England)

Cooperation: vocals
Hanayo  (from Tokyo, Japan/based in Germany)
Tenko  (from/based in Germany)

Cooperation: filming

General advisor:  Yutaka Fujishima
Stage director:  Ayumu Okubo
Sound:  Koji Yamada
Lighting: Terumitsu Oyama
Venue construction:  Total Display Fushimi Kohgei
Theatrical production manager: Akiko Takeshita
Filming/documentation:  Ufer! Art Documentary
Publicity design:  Tsutomu Nishioka

Australian Embassy Tokyo

Embassy of Israel, Tokyo

Organized by
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

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The ART RULES team wishes to thank Yoshiko Isshiki, Natsuko Odate (Yoshiko Isshiki Office) and Agustín Pérez Rubio (MUSAC) for their initiative and support.

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