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ExhibitionsTsuji Kakō Exhibition

Tsuji Kakō Exhibition

Tsuji KakōTsuji Kakō (1871-1931) was born in Kyoto and began his studies under Kōno Bairei in 1880.  The times were changing turbulently and young painters in Kyoto, as in Tokyo, were creating ambitious paintings, seeking to match the new age.  Bairei’s students were the most active in this endeavor, and among them, Kakō, Takeuchi Seihō, Kikuchi Hōbun, and Taniguchi Kokyō were considered the top four.  Kako was repeatedly awarded at the Domestic Industrial Exhibition and Kyōshinkai Exhibitions, as well as the Bunten (Ministry of Education Exhibition) which was inaugurated in 1907, and supported the flourishing days of the modern painting circle in Kyoto.  Meanwhile, Kakō taught not only at his own juku (a private teaching atelier), but also at the Kyoto Municipal Special School of Painting and Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts, nurturing many young, talented painters who will constitute the next generation.
     This is the first large-scale retrospective since the posthumous exhibition, featuring approximately ninety paintings from his early period to his final years.  It introduces the art of Tsuji Kakō, which is full of a sense of freedom and unworldliness, adding the meditative quality of Zen discipline to the Shijō school style.  We hope the exhibition will enrich the viewer’s understanding of the modern painting circle in Kyoto.

* The works on display will be rotated halfway through the exhibition.  Part I: 11/17-12/3; Part II: 12/5-12/24.  Please refer to the list below for details.

Tsuji Kakō (1912) Bright Moonlit Night
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


Related Events
Lecture: “Focusing on Kakō’s Works with Korea as the Motif”
Lecturer: Paul Berry (Japanese Art Historian)
Date: December 9 (Sat.)  1:30-3:00PM (numbered tickets distributed 11:00AM-)
Place: Lecture hall (maximum capacity 100); free
in Japanese only

Exhibition Dates
Friday, November 17 - Sunday, December 24, 2006
Closed on Mondays

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

NHK Kyoto Station

Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

  Day of admission Advance Group (20 or more)
Adult 830 yen 700 yen 560 yen
University students 450 yen 350 yen 250 yen
High school students 250 yen 200 yen 130 yen
Junior high and younger Free Free Free
Advance tickets: Ticket Pia, FamilyMart (P code: 687-057), Lawson (L code:
57369), other major ticket vendors and convenience stores

Works on Rotation
The following works will be rotated halfway through the exhibition.
The sketchbooks, studies, and albums on display will be rotated as well.

Part I only (November 17 - December 3) Part II only (December 5 - December 24)
5 Poet Li Bai 9 Roaring Tiger
6 Hanshan and Shide 11 Beating, Emptiness, Bellow
8 Eagle in Snow 16 Hanshan and Shide
13 Beating by Tokuzan 23 Spring Evening
14 Bellow of Rinzai 25 Matsukaze and Murasame
19 Six Immortal Poets 27 Monkey
24 Hideyoshi Viewing Cherry Blossoms 30 Hanshan and Shide
26 Woodcutter Returning through the Valley 83 Dragon
29 Spring Rain 86 Red Mount Fuji
82 White Dragon  
85 Kamo Riverbank in the Misty Rain  

Publicity Materials
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