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Collection GalleryThe 3rd Collection Gallery Exhibition 2013-2014 (101works in all)

Collection Gallery

The 3rd Collection Gallery Exhibition 2013-2014 (101works in all)

Exhibition Period

2013/09/07 (Sat.)– 2013/10/27 (Sun.)


As a continuation of the 50th anniversary of the museum’s opening, the 3rd Collection Gallery Exhibition of this year features selected masterpieces of both Nihonga (Japanese-style paintings) and Yoga (Western-style paintings), as well as displays specific to the special exhibition being held on the 3rd floor and partially on the 4th (collection gallery) floor, entitled “Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers.”

At the entrance to the venue, Kurt Schwitters’ collage work and reference materials concerning Dadaism and Surrealism are being displayed. Kurt Schwitters is a German artist to whom Marcel Broodthaers, the inspiration for this exhibition, dedicated a piece entitled “The Key to the Clock. A cinematographic poem in honor of Kurt Schwitters (Le clef de l’horloge. Un poeme Cinematographique en l’honneur de Kurt Schwitters),” one of five short films assembled under the title of “Cinéma Modéle.” Consciously confronting images (visual information) and text (literal information), and mixing even seemingly unrelated images or text each other, thereby generating new associations, it will be of great interest to our visitors to examine this collection of works which eventually exerted a great influence on Broodthaers’ creative process.

In the same way, special features correlating to this exhibition entitled “Selected Works of Contemporary Art” are being displayed in 2 places. In “Special Feature I: Motion and Narrative Image in Photography,” works by Genevieve Cadieux which are based on the themes of “Still” and “Moving,” as well as works by Yanagi Miwa (newly acquired in 2012) are being exhibited. Yanagi often quotes well-known stories such as “Rapunzel” in the Grimm Fairy Tales (Die Kinder und Hausmärchen), deforming their characters and thereby revealing the actual problems hidden within such stories. “Special Feature II: Maneuvered Reality” features works of Lothar Baumgarten which were originally created as filmstrips. Baumgarten utilizes unexpected combinations of familiar objects, thereby giving new meanings and perspectives to the viewers, and through repetitive actions, succeeds in creating new stories. We sincerely hope that these works will help our visitors to enjoy the exhibition “Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers.”

As the 3rd round of our continued selected masterpieces exhibition held in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of our opening, the 【Nihonga】 section introduces selected masterpieces of artists of the Kyoto Art Circle who played an active role in the post-war period. The exhibits are classified into 3 categories; the first features artists such as Fukuda Heihachiro and Ono Chikkyo who since pre-war days played a major role in the government-sponsored Bunten exhibition (Teiten, or “Imperial Academy Art Exhibition” and Nitten, or “Japan Fine Arts Exhibition”); the second features artists related to Domoto Insho; and the third features artists such as Uemura Shoko and Akino Fuku who contributed greatly to the establishment of the “SOGA-kai Association of Japanese Painting.” The “For Haiku Poems in Basho’s Narrow Road to a Far Province” series of poetry paintings, representative works of Ono Chikkyo’s later years, in particular has been extremely popular among our collections and receives many loan requests. This marks the first such occasion in a long while to exhibit all 10 works of his series at our museum.

As the 3rd round of the selected masterpieces exhibition, the 【Yoga】 section features representative avant-garde paintings from the mid-Showa period. Abstract works by Komaki Gentaro and Hasegawa Saburo, and works by Imai Ken’ichi and Ito Kyuzaburo which combine deformed familiar objects and scenery, seem more like a silent, formal objection to the turbulent times rather than a formative experiment in plastic arts. Such anti-war sentiment can be felt in the figurative paintings by Matsumoto Shunsuke and Aso Saburo.

HASEGAWA, Saburo Locus of a Butterfly,  1937
HASEGAWA Saburo, Locus of a Butterfly, (1937)
AI, Mitsu  Flower (Magnolia Kobus DC.)  1942
Flower (Magnolia Kobus DC.), (1942)

The 【Craft】 section features representative works by Kawai Kanjiro from our “The Kawakatsu Collection” and ceramic works by Kamoda Shoji, who pursued his unique forms of pottery by making use of various techniques. All of these works by Kamoda, which were featured in his retrospective held at our museum in 2005, are pieces which we newly acquired in 2012 and 2013. At the same time, works by Isa Toshihiko, a representative artist of stencil-dyeing technique in Kyoto, who passed away in 2010, are also exhibited. Viewers will be able to appreciate myriad possibilities of stencil dyeing expressions in media such as folding screens and panels.

Themes of Exhibition

  • ・Kurt Schwitters and Surrealism-Hommage from Marcel Broodthaers
  • ・Commemoration of 50th Anniversary, Selected Masterpieces
      -Japanese-style Paintings in Kyoto after the World War Ⅱ
  • ・Selected Works of Contemporary Art Ⅰ:
      Motion and Narrative Image in Photography
  • ・Ceramic Works by KAWAI Kanjiro and KAMODA Shoji
  • ・Dyeing Works by ISA Toshihiko
  • ・Selected Masterpieces of Japanese Oil Paintings from the Museum Collection III
      -Avant-garde Paintings during the World War Ⅱ
  • ・Selected Works of Contemporary Art Ⅱ:Maneuvered Reality
      - Lothar Baumgarten
  • ・Outdoor sculpture

List of Exhibits

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