SUZUKI Akio Homage to Space oto-date discs

SUZUKI Akio, Homage to Space
at MoMAK
     We are now accepting applications from those who would like to receive one of the oto-date discs (one plate per person) used in SUZUKI Akio’s Homage to Space, presently installed on the first floor of MoMAK as part of the ongoing exhibition, NOISELESS: Akio Suzuki + Rolf Julius.  Applicants must describe their own oto-date points in the form of photographs and/or writing.  In the event that the number of applicants exceeds the number of plates available, Mr. Suzuki himself will act as the judge in the selection process.  Please note that photographs and writings sent in with applications will be posted on a website, “+noiseless,” run by students from Ritsumeikan University.
Oto-date discs are 48cm in diameter, 5cm thick, weigh 25kg, and are made of white cement.

Application deadline:
Friday, April 13  8:00PM

Monday, April 16–Friday, April 20
As a rule of thumb, we will limit applicants to those who are able to come to
the museum to pick up the discs during this period.  In special cases, it will be
possible to ship them on a later date (payment on delivery).

How to apply

Please send in your name, address, and information regarding where you want to install the oto-date disc and why (photographs and/or writing).  Applications by e-mail must have the subject line, “NOISELESS: oto-date disc application.”

Application form Microsoft Word (27KB),  Adobe PDF (39.5KB)
Contact The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Curatorial Department
Section of Education and Public Programs
     Okazaki Enshoji-cho
     Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8344
TEL 075-762-1711 To dial from outside Japan, add +81 to the beginning and remove the first 0.
FAX 075-752-0509

A message from the artist is available on the Japanese version of this page.

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