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Selections from the NFC Collection
  MoMAK Films @ Goethe: Sept. 12, 2009 (Sat.)  France

Selections from the NFC Collection: MoMAK Films @ Goethe

2:00–3:25PM  Au nom de la loi (1932)
Also known as: In the Name of the Law
85 min./black-and-white

Production CompanyPathé-Natan
DirectorMaurice Tourneur
NovelPaul Bringuier
ScreenplayPaul Bringuier, Maurice Tourneur
CinematographyGeorges Benoît et al
Art DirectionJacques Colombier
CastMarcelle Chantal, Gabriel Gabrio, Charles Vanel, Jean Marchat

3:45–5:05PM  Hallo, hallo! Hier spricht Berlin! (1931)
Also known as: Allô Berlin? Ici Paris!, Hello, Hello, This Is Berlin!, Here’s Berlin
80 min./black-and-white (German edition)

Production CompanyFilms Sonores Tobis
DirectorJulien Duvivier
ScreenplayJulien Duvivier
CinematographyReimar Kuntze et al
Art DirectionErich Czerwonski
Original MusicKarol Rathaus
CastJosette Day, Germaine Aussey, Wolfgang Klein

5:25–7:06PM  Entr’acte (1924)
19 min./18 fps/silent/black-and-white
piano accompaniment:  Erik Satie, “Cinéma: Entr’acte symphonique de Relâche
Entr’acte and Gardiens de phare will be shown together in one screening.

ProducerRolf de Maré
DirectorRené Clair
ScreenplayFrancis Picabia
CinematographyJimmy Berliet
Art DirectionFrancis Picabia
CastFrancis Picabia, Jean Börlin, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Inge Frïss, Georges Auric, Erik Satie

5:25–7:06PM  Gardiens de phare (1929)
Also known as: The Lighthouse Keepers
82 min./18 fps/silent/dyed
piano accompaniment
Entr’acte and Gardiens de phare will be shown together in one screening.

Production CompanyFilms du Grand Guignol
DirectorJean Grémillon
PlayPierre Antier, P. Cloquemin
ScreenplayJacques Feyder
CinematographyGeorges Périnal et al
Art DirectionAndré Barsacq
CastGenica Athanasiou, Gabrielle Fontan, Geymond Vital, Paul Fromet

All works are 35mm films with Japanese subtitles.
Please note that the above program may be changed without advance notice.

Publicity materials
First half: Germany, France  PDF (935KB)

Second half: USSR, China, Japan  PDF (1.27MB)


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