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Selections from the NFC Collection
  MoMAK Films @ Goethe: May 23, 2009 (Sat.)  Germany

Selections from the NFC Collection: MoMAK Films @ Goethe

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
The National Film Center
Goethe-Institut Japan in Kyoto

2:00–3:22PM  Stürme der Leidenschaft (1931)
Also known as: Storms of Passion, Tempest
82 min./black-and-white

Production CompanyUfa
DirectorRobert Siodmak
ScreenplayRobert Liebmann, Hans Müller
CinematographyGünther Rittau
Art DirectionErich Kettelhut
Original MusicFriedrich Holländer
CastEmil Jannings, Anna Sten, Trude Hesterberg, Franz Nicklisch

3:45–5:05PM  Yoshiwara (1936)
80 min./black-and-white

Production CompanyLes Films Excelsior, Les Productions Milo Film
DirectorMax Ophüls
NovelMaurice Dekobra
ScreenplayArnold Lipp, Wolfgang Wilhelm, J. Dapoigny, Max Ophüls
CinematographyEugen Schüfftan
Art DirectionAndré Barsacq, Léon Barsacq
Original MusicPaul Dessau
CastTANAKA Michiko, Pierre Richard-Willm, HAYAKAWA Sessue, Roland Toutain, Lucienne Le Marchand

5:30–7:13PM  Geheimnisse des Orients (1928)
Also known as: Secrets of the Orient
103 min./20 fps/silent/dyed and colorized
piano accompaniment

Production CompanyUfa
DirectorAlexandre Volkoff
ScreenplayNorbert Falk, Robert Liebmann, Alexandre Volkoff
CinematographyCurt Courant, Nikolai Toporkoff, Fédote Bourgasoff
Art DirectionAlexandre Lochakoff, Vladimir Meingard
CastNicolas Koline, Iván Petrovich, Marcella Albani, Dita Parlo

All works are 35mm films with Japanese subtitles.
Please note that the above program may be changed without advance notice.

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