The 50th Anniversary of the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
 CROSS SECTIONS Chronicle @ MoMAK 1963-2013

Star Bar Interior design by
UENO Isaburo + Felice Ueno-Rix, 1930

  Originally established as an annex of the National Museum of Modern Art on March 1, 1963, the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013. In commemoration of our 50th anniversary, we planned a special exhibition focusing on "crafts and craft arts" which has been a pillar of our museum's activities.
  In this exhibition, we examines the origin of our museum with the works exhibited in our first exhibition, entitled "A Look at Japanese Modern Pottery and the Development of Modern Paintings," and by introducing the development of our varied craft collections, we reviews our museum's 50th history.
  The exhibition consists of two parts covering the entire floors of our museum and introduce the varied expansions of "crafts and craft art" with special attention to its expressivity, the influence by the "concept of design" arisen in the 20th century, and its trends toward the "synthesis of the arts" that also can be found in the architectural practice, such as "Star Bar" created by UENO Izaburo and his wife, Felice Ueno-Rix.

Exhibition dates
Saturday, March 16- Monday, May 6, 2013
Closed on Mondays
Exception: Open on April 29 (Mon./Holiday), May 6 (Mon./Holiday)
*This exhibition will use museum's whole gallery area.
Hence, collection gallery exhibition will not be carried out during the exhibition.

Schedule of Replacement
Exhibited during March 16 (Sat.) - March 31 (Sun.)
Seiho Takeuchi "Moon over Venice" Takashimaya Historical Museum
Shunkyo Yamamoto "Snow in the Rockies" Takashimaya Historical Museum

Exhibited during April 2 (Tue.) - May 6 (Mon./Holiday)
Chu Asai "Vase with Plum Blossoms"
  Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum and Archives

Exhibited during April 9 (Tue.) - May 6 (Mon./Holiday)
Hogai Kano "Hibo Kannon as the Merciful Mother"
  (Important Cultural Property) Tokyo University of the Arts

Regular hours
9:30AM–5:00PM (admission until 4:30PM)

Evening hours (every Friday)
9:30AM-8:00PM (admission until 7:30PM)

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
The Kyoto Shimbun Co., Ltd.

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
Asahi Group Arts Foundation
KYOCERA Corporation
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank
Wacoal Holdings Corp.

  Day of admission Advance Group (20 or more)
Adult 850 700 600
University students 450 350 250
High school students
and younger
Free Free Free

* Visitors with disability and one person accompanying them are
 admitted free of charge.(Please present certificate at the admission.)
*Admission free on the museum's anniversary, Saturday, April 27.
*Collection gallery exhibition will not be carried out until May 10.
*Advance tickets:
 Ticket Pia (P-code: 765-553)
 Lawson   (L-code:52398)
 Other major ticket vendors and convenience stores
 *Advance tickets are available for a limited period only. (2/1-3/15)

Related events
Lecture: "Crossing Expressions"
Date & Time: March 30 (Sat.), 2013 2:00-3:30PM
(numbered tickets distributed 11:00AM-)
Place: 1F Lecture hall
Fee: Free Admission, maximum capacity 100
Lecturer: Hidetsugu YAMANO (Chief curator)
in Japanese only

MoMAK Films 2013
Post-War Avant-Garde Activity and Film: Matsumoto Toshio & Teshigahara Hiroshi

Date & Time: April 20 (Sat.), 21 (Sun.)
Place: 1F Lecture hall
*for further information click here

Post-Talk by Film Director, Matsumoto Toshio
Date & Time: April 20 (Sat.), 2013 3:00-4:30PM
Place: 1F lecture hall
Fee: Free admission, maximum capacity 100
Talker: Toshio MATSUMOTO (Film Director)
Interviewer: Kenichiro KAWAMURA
(Associate Professor, College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University)
*This event is available for those who watch films screened on the day at the MoMAK Films. Numbered tickets for the event will be distributed on the day at the door starting at 1:30PM.
in Japanese only

Publicity materials
Poster design proposal

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