William Kentridge—What We See & What We Know: Related event
   Lecture/performance by William Kentridge:
   “I am not me, the horse is not mine”

“I am not me, the horse is not mine” (2008)
“I am not me, the horse is not mine” (2008)
lecture/performance with video projection
© the artist
This lecture/performance consists of William Kentridge reciting a text he has written, performing onstage together with filmed footage of himself. Much of it deals with Nicolai Gogol’s short story The Nose (1836) and Dmitri Shostakovich’s opera (1930) of the same title based on the short story.
This work came to be in the process of creating his latest work, I am not me, the horse is not mine. His interpretation of absurdist theatre contains themes shared with his other works, such as ‘the artist in his studio’ and ‘the divided self’, as well as his boundless sympathy and mournfulness for the oppression and historic erasure of Russian Formalism and its utopian ideals. Among the various texts quoted, the excerpts from Nikolai Bukharin’s accounts at the Central Committee meeting of February 26, 1937 are particularly noteworthy. These deeply moving excerpts are emblematic of the tragedy of an intellectual being crushed by the violence of the establishment.
A prototype of this lecture/performance was delivered in June 2008 at the Sydney Biennale, and was most recently delivered in a tentatively completed state in March 2009 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Kyoto Kaikan concert hall (Daini Hall)
13 Okazaki Saishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8342

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Directing and performance: William Kentridge
Editing: Catherine Meyburgh
Stage direction: Sue Pam-Grant
Animation assistants: Gerhard Marx and Catherine Walker
Dancing figure: Thato Motlhaolwa
Music: Philip Miller, “Gallop” (performed by Dan Selsick, Billy Middleton, Adam Howard, Ntkozo Zunga, Bethuel Mbonani, and Thulani Manana); “Ngilahlekelelwe Ikhala Lami” (arranged by Philip Miller; music and lyrics by Richard Siluma and Thulani Manana; sung by Thulani Manana and Abanikazi Bomkhalanga)

Stage set-up: Fushimi Kogei Co., Ltd.; Kyoeisha Co., Ltd.
Subtitling: The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Assistant staff members: Makiko Akamatsu, Tatsuro Usami, Machiko Yoshitomi, et al.

Event assistance: Wacoal Holdings Corporation; ART iT

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Other venues
Hiroshima: April 16, 2010  Minami Ward Community Cultural Center (organizer/contact: Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art)
Previously scheduled on March 24 (Wed.).

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