Collection Gallery

The 3rd Collection Gallery Exhibition 2017–2018 (192 works in all)

Exhibition Period

8. 9 (Wed.) – 10. 22 (Sun.), 2017


In the Collection Gallery, we present works from the museum collection based on a given theme. This edition of the exhibition deals with the following themes.

Curatorial Studies 12: The 100th Anniversary of Duchamp's Fountain Case 3: Flying Fountain(s)
This year marks the 100th anniversary of an incident in which Marcel Duchamp's work Fountain was rejected by an independent exhibition. In this year's collection exhibition, we present a variety of possible readings and interpretations of the work in a five-part series of displays and lectures. In this installment, the third part, the museum's former head curator, Komoto Shinji, examines the question of the original and replicas. Viewers can also enjoy Fluxus' Multiples: After Readymade, and Answer Songs to Duchamp: IDA Shoichi, MORIMURA Yasumasa, KASAHARA Emiko, a group of works that pay homage to Duchamp.

Adoration for Italy
In conjunction with the KOJI KINUTANI: A Journey of Color and Imagery, currently underway in the exhibition room on the museum's third floor, we present this selection of works by Nihon-ga (Japanese-style) painters who, like Kinutani, were attracted by Italy.

IKUCHI Keigetsu, Copy: Angelo Annunciate (Archangel Gabriel), c.1922-23
KIKUCHI Keigetsu, Copy: Angelo Annunciate (Archangel Gabriel),

Special Feature 1: Paintings by HADA Teruo
This exhibit is designed to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Hada Teruo's birth (1887-1945), an artist who was known as the "Heretical Nihon-ga Painter." After graduating from the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts, the Hiroshima-born artist wandered around Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo in the 1920s and '30s, producing a unique body of work that focused on women at the bottom of the social pyramid. During the latter half of his career, Hada also made many Buddhist paintings. Viewers can enjoy savoring the special allure of this group of works, consisting both of pieces from the museum's own collection and deposited works from the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Collection.

HADA Teruo, Scroll of Yoshiwara, c. 1919
HADA Teruo, Scroll of Yoshiwara, c. 1919

Special Feature 2: Works from the Exhibition 'Contemporary Ceramic Art - Europe and Japan (1970)'
This exhibit focuses on contemporary ceramic works from Europe that were shown in the Contemporary Ceramic Art - Europe and Japan exhibition, held at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto in 1970, and subsequently acquired by the museum. The original exhibition was an epoch-making event that provided an expansive view of the ceramic scene in Northern and Western Europe at the time. Viewers are sure to enjoy these free-wheeling and highly individualistic artistic expressions that later exerted considerable influence on Japanese ceramics.

Selected Works by KAWAI Kanjiro
Continuing on from the previous installment of the collection exhibition, in this display we present a selection of outstanding ceramic works by Kawai Kanjiro from the Kawakatsu Collection.

KAWAI Kanjiro, Covered Bowl, 1951
KAWAI Kanjiro, Food Container of Bead and Hand Design, 1951

Patinters who related to Kansai Bijutsuin
Opened in 1906, the Kansai Bijutsuin is an educational institution specializing in Western painting that still operates in the same building. In this exhibit, we present work by various artists associated with the school.

Visitors are also invited to enjoy viewing the sculptures installed outside from the foyer.

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